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Villa Esperanza

Imagine living in a  dump. Smelling the smoke and the rotting garbage…

Spending your days searching  through the waste of the city for food or anything you can sell for food. Now imagine living there as a child. Imagine the desperation and abandonment you'd feel if your parents, who were so lost and deeply hurt, considered selling you into prostitution a  viable option.

This is the reality for  many who live in La Chureca, a village inside the Managua, Nicaragua city dump. Here is video footage of every day living at the dump.

Many of the children who  live here are at-risk, without hope for a future. Few are allowed the luxury of school and fewer still the luxury of a childhood. Some turn to drugs or suicide for  relief.

Here are the locations that Jeff supports and visits annually:

Villa Esperanza, "Village of Hope", is a place where young girls from La Chureca have found refuge.  Here they are first given their own bed with clean

sheets, and  clothes and food.  School suddenly becomes an option and

with it hope for a better future.  In short, they are given a NEW LIFE!

Motastepe. Eliezer is Pastor in one of Managua’s poorest neighborhoods.  He is committed to his community and uses his carpentry skills to put food on his own table as well as those in need in Motastepe.  

New Dump Site. Gamaliel, along with Pastor Ramón are bringing much needed help to the children who survive by sorting through the city’s newest waste dump.

**For participation or interest in helping these children, please click on the “Villa Esperanza” Link and mention Jeff’s name**

Everything that is given or donated goes directly to these children and helping hands are always welcome.